Israel to Change Name of Jerusalem to…

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Recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals invalidated a law that allowed American citizens born in Jerusalem—a population numbering around 50,000—to list Israel as their home country on their passports. In response, the Israeli government is seeking to deflate the negative connotations long associated with its capital city by submitting a referedum to the citizens of […]

Postcard from the Edge: Nachlaot, Jerusalem’s SoHo

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Should time and circumstance conspire to bring you by plane, train or automobile to Jerusalem, do take a quick detour into the city’s hip, happening, pulsating Nachlaot neighborhood. The beating heart of Jerusalem, Nachlaot was one of several neighborhoods that were established outside the walls of the Old City in the late 19th century to […]

Stressed? Disgruntled Customer at Israeli Massage Parlor Torches Owner’s Car (VIDEO)

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An Israeli from Ashkelon stormed out of an Ashdod massage parlor shortly after entering it a few weeks ago and then set fire to the establishment owner’s car, Israel’s Channel 10 reported on Sunday. Referred to only as ‘Y’, the Ashkelon resident demanded his money back from the owner of the clinic after claiming he […]

State Department Sources Say Obama Sabotaged Peace Talks With Goldberg Interview Conducted Behind Kerry’s Back

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President Barack Obama’s recent statements on the current state of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have sabotaged U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to iron out a framework agreement between the two sides, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Wednesday citing high level sources. Specifically, aides to the Secretary of State referenced […]

Report: John Kerry is Working to Scuttle Israel-India Arms Deal

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is pressuring the Indian government to pull out of a pending deal to purchase Spike missiles from Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Ltd., one of the Jewish state’s top arms manufacturers, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Thursday. Until recently, it appeared that the major arms contract between Israel and […]

Peace without Process: Time to give the U.S. a Breather and Allow Israel and the Palestinians to Get their Game On

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“With the Palestinian Authority recently declaring that the stalled peace talks with Israel will not be extended past April, it’s starting to look like U.S. President Barack Obama’s wish for a single foreign policy success will go unanswered. And the PA’s refusal to even acknowledge that Israel is populated by Jews does not bode well […]

Game of Thrones: Saudia Arabia and Qatar Reportedly Plotting to Topple King of Jordan…with Israel’s Support

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According to a news story posted on the Palestinian-Arab website ‘Al-Manar’, Saudia Arabia and Qatar are hatching a scheme to topple Jordan’s King Abdullah from power with support from Israel, the Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Friday. Abdullah is currently en route to Washington to discuss, among other issues, the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian […]

The Old Jewish Man and the Sea: Israeli Granted Permission to be Buried Under Water

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Following a five year struggle, the District Court of Tel Aviv approved an unusual request on Thursday: to allow an Israeli citizen to be buried at sea, Israel’s Walla reported. Shlomo Avni, an 84-year-old resident of Givatayim, made history by becoming the first Israeli citizen to be granted permission to have his body released into […]

Israeli Minister of Communications: ‘Kerry Inciting Economic Blackmail Against Israel’

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Israel’s Minister of Communications and Home Front Defense, Gilad Erdan, speaking at the Jerusalem Conference on Monday, said that it looks as if U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is, “…trying to incite economic blackmail against Israel,” Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported. Erdan, a member of the Israeli government’s security cabinet, strongly criticized the U.S. State […]

Israel’s Hermes 900 Unmanned Drone Purchased by Several Foreign Armies (VIDEO)

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Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems Ltd.’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Hermes 900, has been purchased by four different militaries in Europe and Latin America, Israeli daily Walla reported on Thursday. Two of these armies have already put the Israeli drone into service, Walla said. The Israel Defense Force also has plans for the homegrown […]