Colliding with Jabotinsky: Scenes from a Race Well Run

“With Jerusalem at my fast-moving feet and a mighty wind at my back, I blazed a trail past some of David’s City’s historical, cultural, political and religious touchstones: Israel Museum, Knesset, Cinemateque, Jaffa Gate, Sultan’s Pool and the Residence of the President of Israel.

I was in total command of every hill that this 3,000 year-old city threw in my path: I traversed the short but steep Bezalel Street with the vigor of a young mountain lion; flew up the ramp leading into Jaffa Gate with the ease and grace of a cool summer’s breeze and hit the long Keren Hayasod straightaway with the force of a Category 5 hurricane. I was running this race on my home turf and was simply not to be denied.

Then I collided with Jabotinsky. The length and incline of my near Waterloo, which began near Liberty Bell Park and ended in the depths of despair, forced me to hunch over, focus on the asphalt beneath my feet and somehow keep my arms and legs pumping…”

To find out how this great adventure ends, click here to view the entire essay as it appears on CiF Watch:

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