Salvage the United Nations: Dismantle the UNHRC


“In order to salvage the United Nations and thus allow it to continue its  important work in the areas of peace and security, social and economic development and humanitarian affairs, the United Nations Human Rights Commission will have to be drastically reformed – if not dismantled altogether.

Similar to the comprehensive code of conduct – social, political, economic and otherwise – that’s required of a country seeking admission to the European Union, strict standards for admission to the UNHRC must be developed and then enforced…”


Check out the entire essay as it appears on the Times of Israel:

2 thoughts on “Salvage the United Nations: Dismantle the UNHRC

  1. The UN was created after the League of Nations failed. The UN serves the same purpose as its predecessor; preserve and protect the interests of the industrialized nations of the world. To legitimize its efforts, the UN pours honey into our ears by waving a flag of peace and humanitarianism. Unfortunately, “Peace” and “Humanitarianism” may also be used as a ruse for passivism in the face of aggression and repression. Passivism may also preserve oppressive and unjust regimes. Regardless, the UN preserves foreign interests at the expense of the very same oppressed nations allegedly being saved. As with history, the modern map of the world has been drawn by the victors and not by the oppressed. Many oppressive regimes are created by, and rule with the blessings of foreign nations who benefit from these oppressive regimes via access to natural resources like oil, gas, and diamonds at cost. These oppressive regimes are deemed legitimate so long as they wear their white wigs and speak enough of the queens English (or German, French, Russian, Japanese or Chinese).


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