Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Republicans?

“It’s a love affair that’s defied time, common sense and the occasional betrayal: US Jews and the Democratic Party. Why are America’s Red Sea Pedestrians endlessly enamored with the Kicking Donkey?

While historically-based, this instinctive revulsion towards all things Republican has warped into a perception that today’s GOP is hostile towards racial minorities, women, immigrants (legal or illegal) and the LGBTG community.

Thing is, we’re alive and well and up to our necks in 2012’s election season: 2012, not 1933…”


Read the entire essay as it appears in the Times of Israel:


4 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Republicans?

  1. Who is afraid of the Big Bad Republicans; not this Jewish woman. I’ve been a Republican since the 1960’s. Of all the negatives you mentioned about Republicans, you can say the same about Democrats. All people have their prejudices including Jews. Since I’ve lived my life on both sides, I can vouch that what I say is true. But, I frankly can’t tolerate the intolerance of the left. I have friends of all races and religions who are Republicans and it seems we all want is a return to the respect for the Constitution, the law, the individual and a leaner government that isn’t used as a substitute for employment in the private sector. We actually are patriots who revere what our Constitution stands for and resent the abuse that it has suffered. God bless America.


    1. Hi Bette,
      I agree with you completely. It’s fascinating to me how normally sane, rational, erudite people turn blue and see red once they sniff out the scent of a conservative in their midst. Let’s assume that George Bush (#44) was the worst US president in history, responsible for every societal and economic ill to beset the American public. Well, the citizenry effectively fired him (by not electing John McCain). Now, Barack Obama has had over three years to at the very least get the ball rolling on reving the US economy, lower unemployment and maintain a strong defence posture. And he’s failed, by any objective barometer for measuring success. Someone once said that a recession is when your neighbor loses his job and a depression is when you lose yours. Recovery begins when Barack Obama loses his!



  2. The writer fails to mention the principal reason American Jews continue to vote Democratic: Concerns about social justice and economic opportunity. The Republicans are increasingly the party of the greedy super rich. The Romney Ryan plan advocates a massive wealth transfer to a very narrow class of the wealthiest Americans at the expense of programs like Medicare (government health for the elderly) and Social Security (minimal pensions for senior citizens), and publicly funded education. Critical mass of American Jews, thank God, continue to care about social justice and economic opportunity.


    1. Hi Richard,
      Thanks for reading and responding to my piece. Regarding the “eat the rich” mentality that appears to guide your political philosophy, has the Keynesian economic approach ever worked anywhere? Based on the belief that increased government spending (facilitated by high tax rates) will lead to increase in individual earnings, such policy is folly since it’s based almost entirely on the short term, without any thought given to long term implications. Furthermore, Keynesian advocates seem to disregard the proven, long run effect of incentivizing (not subsidizing) measures on a moribund economy.



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