Jews marauding in a vacuum: Harriet Sherwood’s artful dodge

“…while these ‘price tag’ attacks have indeed grown in recent years, the overwhelming majority of Israelis deplore them.  Additionally, a quick comparison between how the Israeli government and Palestinian Authority have respectively responded to these waves of violence reveals an Israeli resolve to address the issue rubbing up against predictable Palestinian cynicism aimed at exploiting it for political gain.

While the PA is quick to condemn price tag attacks on West Bank mosques, it actively glorifies acts of terror perpetrated by Palestinians against Israelis. The Palestinian Authority – a supposed island of moderation in a sea of Islamist-lead governments – simultaneously gives its assent to murder and entices future terrorists with assurances of glory and honor.

Sherwood goes beyond just whitewashing official PA compliance in such heinous acts: she doesn’t mention the Palestinian Authority once in her piece.  And this is no mere oversight. By portraying the Palestinians as innocent and helpless, the taint and stink of institutionalized corruption and officially sanctioned terror is kept from contaminating the fairy tale that has been created of jackbooted Jewish thugs running roughshod over the perpetually persecuted Arabs…”

Read the entire essay as it appears on CiF Watch:

2 thoughts on “Jews marauding in a vacuum: Harriet Sherwood’s artful dodge

    1. Hello Norman Pulik!
      Good to hear from you. It’s sad but true: whenever a Jew acts badly, especially towards a Palestinian, it generates a disproportionate amount of news coverage and international coverage. However, Palestinians acting out against Jews, by way of arson or even physical assault, is considered ho-hum and not worthy of acknowledgement. By the way, I spoke to your granddaughter about this very issue and she’s in complete agreement!

      Send my love go Gene and Linda,


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