Debunked: the Myth of a Caring Obama White House


“Barack Obama, an erstwhile supporter of the Zionist enterprise? Such drivel may stick with Hollywood’s glitterati, but outside of Tinseltown the cold, hard facts indicate an administration policy vis à vis Israel that’s fueled by a deep-rooted animus towards the Jewish state.

For while the White House claims that cooperation “… with Israel between our military and intelligence communities has never been closer…” it turns out that that the Obama administration has decided to drastically reduce US involvement in planned joint military exercises with Israel scheduled for October. Furthermore, long promised missile interception systems will not be delivered by the US to Israel at that time.

So is Israel simply dealing with the naiveté of a former University of Chicago Law School senior lecturer, or is Barack Obama’s reluctance to support an Israeli military strike against Iran an indication of a deeper, more sinister malevolence?”


Read the complete essay at it appears in the Times of Israel:

3 thoughts on “Debunked: the Myth of a Caring Obama White House

  1. A “bullet” to the eyes of those “Jews” who only want to profit from
    their useless postings.
    (Peace Now) is just a money machine) for “Jewish Liberals” who
    don”t work, and this is what they do for (WAGES).
    Obama, Debunked, is the truth for (NO WAGES), and this posting
    constitutes the true (INNER CORE) of this blogger.
    Thank You Gideon
    Joni Moskol


    1. Hello Joni Moskol!
      Obama’s policies have proven their worth – or lack there of. I believe that a majority of the American electorate had by 2008 grown tired after eight years of GOP rule. And the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which set off the economic crisis of late 2008 all but guaranteed an Obama victory. Still, it’s been almost four years and the US is still mired in the Great Recession. Unemployment is hovering over 8% nationwide, the percentage of Americans who have fallen below the poverty line has spiked dramatically and the misery index is higher than it was when Barack Obama was sworn into office. If a man isn’t judged by the merit of his work, how is he to be judged? With all due respect to the Obamas, a compelling life story may be grist for a television mini-series, but should not be the grounds for voting a rank amature into office.



      1. Hello Gideon,
        I am so flattered that you responded to my posting.
        Your creativity is beyond my pay grade. I appreciate
        your wanting to teach the (amateurs) like myself. I am
        very willing to listen and learn.
        The “AMERICAN” people allowed theselves to be “SNOOKERED”,
        by a seemingly passionate man.
        I imagine a sort of “GUILT” from “AMERICAS” past helped also.
        I may be an “AMETEUR” but he did not get my vote.
        He created an image of unemployment that if we do not
        vote for him, we would all be “HOMELESS”.
        I hope (THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) have been dunked
        underwater enough(Water-boarding) to finally separate us
        from his deceit and his (JEWISH) ‘Mafia”.

        THANK YOU


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