Democratic National Confusion: what to do about Jerusalem?

“In general, Obama’s second coronation, which took place in North Carolina, ran on all cylinders – except for one notable exception. For while Bill Clinton’s speech galvanized the party faithful in Charlotte, the status of a pesky little faraway capital (or is it ‘seat of government’?) ignited a firestorm.

The screech heard around the world centered on the Democratic Party’s stance vis-à-vis Jerusalem. Initially, the policy platform did not make any mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. While the relevant text was reintroduced a day later, the entire issue was handled in a rather clumsy fashion, resulting in a confusing vote and booing on the convention floor.

And while President Obama directed the Democratic Party to amend its platform to restore language declaring Jerusalem the Israeli capital, the restoration of Jerusalem puts the platform, a largely symbolic document, at odds with the official position of the government, which is that the city’s status should be determined in a negotiation between Israelis and Palestinians…”

To read the entire essay as it appears in the Times of Israel, click here:

One thought on “Democratic National Confusion: what to do about Jerusalem?

  1. So, we have finally arrived, and the fame of hatred is finally exposed
    for all to see, “Israel”, uncensored, (The Platform).
    A dereliction of duty and Bible.
    The ‘Genius” of this extension of loathing, and will it sell even
    better, if a “sequel” is forthcoming?
    The ‘Mayor” of whatever leading the voice vote is a true Dem.
    because he had no shame, while pleading his case.
    If the “REPUBLICANS” cannot capitalize on this internal mess
    and repulsive behavior, then the society we call America is over.
    Stop, the nice guy mentality, and remember how well it worked
    for John McCain.
    Just once pitch inside and let these “Atomic” Bullies get the message,
    that “The batter better quit crowding the plate”.
    J Moskol


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