Barack Obama’s Occidental College Transcripts Finally Released

Barack Obama, the College Years
Barack Obama, the College Years

The mystery surrounding the college transcripts of Barack Obama has finally been cracked, revealing some fascinating insights into the formative years of the man who would one day be President of the United States.

Obama was a student at Occidental College between 1979 and 1981 before leaving to complete his undergraduate studies at Columbia University. During this same period, Lucy Okin-Finetush was a highly popular Professor of Critical Theory and Social Distortion at the small liberal-arts college tucked into a hilly Los Angeles neighborhood.

Now retired, Okin-Finetush leaked the information about Obama’s course work and academic performance to the press on Monday.

It’s clear from even a cursory viewing of these long sought-after records that Obama’s brief time at ‘Oxy’ had a profound effect on the molding of his political mind.

Barack Obama’s Occidental College curriculum included:

1) Waking Bear, Tired Eagle: Trends in International Relations

2) International Human Rights and Other 20th Century Myths

3) Cuba, China, Vietnam: Paradise Found?

4) The Triumph of Conflict Avoidance: Western Response to Revolutionary Iran

5) Jihad and Other Liberation Movements

6) Lying, Cheating, Stealing: Global History of the United States

7) Modern United Nations: One World, No Sovereignty

8) Free, Democratic Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East: A Critical Overview of Modern Israel

9) Post-Colonial Power Grab: U.S. Foreign Policy Since World War II

10) Comparative Revolutions: the Virtues of 1917, the Folly of 1776

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