Keeping it Jewish where the Rat Pack Roamed

Jerusalem State of Mind

Long before I packed my treasured books, scratched Bob Dylan CDs and prized collection of fedoras into eight moving boxes that I had dug up from the Sherman Oaks Best Buy and hoped a jet airliner for the flight that ultimately brought me back to Jerusalem, there was my two-year foray into the cartoon world of Las Vegas.

Not a holy place in a typical sense, Sin City has nonetheless provided sanctuary for many a fallen 1980s television personality, forgotten former member of the Forbes 400, defrocked record producer and other itinerant dream weavers – lured like moths to a flame by visions of easy money, making love to a Pussycat Doll and rubbing elbows with Wyclef Jean.

Yet Las Vegas, famously awash in neon-tinged decadence, is also home to America’s fastest growing Jewish community. Synagogues, kosher restaurants and mikvot dot the landscape. According to the Jewish Federation of Las…

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