Historian Says Bugs Bunny Might be Jewish

Bugs Bunny, Red Sea Pedestrian?

A noted Jewish-British cinematic historian has claimed that the world’s most famous rabbit displays prominent Jewish characteristics. According to film scholar David Yehuda Stern, Bugs Bunny was created by a Jewish producer, lived in a Jewish neighborhood, has a distinctly New York/Jewish accent and uses his wit and sense of humor to avoid all attempts to eliminate him.

Stern revealed his findings at a lecture held recently at Britain’s University of Warwick, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported. Stern, who watched thousands of animated shorts that feature Bugs Bunny, noted in his presentation that there are Jewish fingerprints all over the smart aleck cartoon character, including the very voice of Bugs Bunny – Jewish actor Mel Blanc.

Stern’s exhaustive study even included the findings of one specific cartoon episode in which Bugs Bunny flashes back to his childhood. The New York neighborhood Bugs grew up in is teeming with obviously Jewish characters, such as ultra-Orthodox Jews and other stereotypically Eastern European figures from the turn of the 20th century.

Stern closed his case for Bugs Bunny being Jewish by reminding his audience that the legendary rabbit’s arch nemesis is…Porky Pig. The pig, of course, is Judaism’s quintessentially unclean animal.

Lastly, Stern joked that the word ‘rabbit’ becomes ‘rabbi’ if you just get rid of the final letter…

Bugs! buballeh! Welcome home!

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One thought on “Historian Says Bugs Bunny Might be Jewish

  1. Interesting analysis, but Stern is mistaken about Porky being Bugs’ arch nemesis. That’s Elmer Fudd, who is a human being. Porky hunted Bugs in one cartoon (well two if you count a proto-version Bugs in the ’30’s), but they never even met after that, except in the comics where they were best friends.


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