Game of Thrones: Saudia Arabia and Qatar Reportedly Plotting to Topple King of Jordan…with Israel’s Support

According to a news story posted on the Palestinian-Arab website ‘Al-Manar’, Saudia Arabia and Qatar are hatching a scheme to topple Jordan’s King Abdullah from power with support from Israel, the Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Friday.

Abdullah is currently en route to Washington to discuss, among other issues, the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian Authority peace talks with President Barack Obama, Ma’ariv said.

The ‘Al-Manar’ news item describes a concerted effort by Riyadh and Doha to destabilize the Hashemite Kingdom, Ma’ariv reported. The Palestinian-Arab news website goes on to detail how Qatar has been transferring funds and weapons to terrorist squads in Jordan that are loyal to the West Asian Arab emirate, Ma’ariv said.

For its part, Saudi Arabia has allegedly been sending groups of Salafi jihadists to Jordan in order to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining traction in Abdullah’s kingdom, which shares a 240 kilometer border with Israel, Ma’ariv cited the ‘Al-Manar’ article as having said.

According to ‘Al-Manar’, Riyadh and Doha are being motivated to establish control over the Hashemite Kingdom by their failure to take advantage of Syria’s civil war and the turmoil in Egypt to assert Sunni control over the region, Ma’ariv said.

‘Al-Manar’ goes on to claim that internal unrest in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also fuelling an agenda to ferment turmoil elsewhere, Ma’ariv noted.

The Palestinian-Arab news source asserts that the Jordanian intelligence community is well aware of these brewing insurrections, Ma’ariv reported.

‘Al-Manar’ concludes its assessment by connecting the alleged schemes of the two Sunni monarchies to the Israeli-Palestinian Authority peace talks, Ma’ariv said.

According to ‘Al-Manar’ and as cited by Ma’ariv, Israel has recently been strengthening its ties to both Saudi Arabia and Qatar and is now colluding with both Arab absolutist regimes to create a regional diversion that will allow Jerusalem to avoid having to make difficult decisions in connection to the framework agreement negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

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