Peace without Process: Time to give the U.S. a Breather and Allow Israel and the Palestinians to Get their Game On

“With the Palestinian Authority recently declaring that the stalled peace talks with Israel will not be extended past April, it’s starting to look like U.S. President Barack Obama’s wish for a single foreign policy success will go unanswered. And the PA’s refusal to even acknowledge that Israel is populated by Jews does not bode well for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s chances of bringing a Nobel Peace Prize back to Boston.

Yet with the fraying of Kerry’s framework agreement, there is now an opportunity to reassess the conventional wisdom that equates peace in the Middle East with U.S.-backed negotiations between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Should the United States extricate itself from the internal affairs of Jerusalem and Ramallah, Israel’s peace partners may finally acknowledge that the only way out of its dilemma is face-to-face negotiations.

Sovereign nations around the world are managing to iron out workable, if imperfect, living arrangements with quarrelsome neighbors — without unrelenting U.S. pressure, without European threats and away from the television cameras.”

Read the entire piece as it appears in Israel Hayom here.

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