VIDEO: Beatlemania Invades the Gaza Strip

As Hamas loses its grip on power in the Gaza Strip as a result of war, poverty and disillusionment, the Islamist terrorist group has developed an ingenious way to raise the moral of the 1.7 Palestinian Arabs it was elected to serve.

While currently focused on delivering a rocket into every Israeli home, Hamas has not left its own people behind.  To gently wipe away the tears of children strategically placed inside kindergartens as human shields, the Hamas Interior Ministry has recently produced a number of catchy jingles.

Putting a uniquely jihadist spin on the most influential musical act in history, some of Hamas’s tributes to classic Beatles songs have actually gone viral, becoming hugely popular not only inside Gaza and the Arab World, but developing a devoted following in London, Long Island and Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Below, are the most viewed of all Hamas’s lovingly produced Beatles-inspired music videos:

  • I Wanna Hold your Head
  • Long Tall Fajr
  • Good Day Palestine
  • Happiness is a Warm Grad
  • Mean Mr. Mazen
  • With a Little Help from Qatar
  • Strawberry Fields for Allah
  • Got to Get you Out of my Life
  • Back in the I.S.I.S.
  • You’ve Got to Hide your Tunnel Away
  • Gaza City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
  • Muhammad’s Silver Hammer
  • Sgt. Shaheed’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • While my Hijab Gently Weeps


View other bits by the Algemeiner’s Jerusalem Correspondent Gidon Ben-Zvi here.

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