Honey, Guess Who’s Coming to Temple? Prominent Arab Leaders to Participate in Jewish New Year’s Services

Is Israel slowly starting to cozy up with key Sunni countries in the Middle East?

Based on recent statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his government, it appears that the old Arab-Israeli conflict is being eclipsed by a new one: between a resurgent Iran and leading Sunni states.

One look at the upcoming Jewish New Year’s (Rosh Hashanah) services at several houses of worship around the United States seems to confirm a genuine effort by prominent Sunni politicians, as well as other aspiring Israeli allies, to reach out and connect with the Jewish people:









Nash Oz-Nagy, Assistant Travelling Secretary to the Secretary General of the Arab League, speaking at Funkytown Shul, Moose Lake, Minnesota:

“Wind Beneath my Harem: How Bette Midler Saved My Life”

Cliff Chang, National Population and Family Planning Commissar of China, speaking at the Lorne Greene Free Synagogue in Steamboat Rock, Iowa:

“The Last Emperor: Why Bibi Should Lead Israel Forever”

Sammy bin Baba, Deputy Hajj Minister of Saudi Arabia, speaking at the Great Split Old New Synagogue of Meridian, Mississippi:

“Turkish Temptation: Is Obama’s Wondering Eye Just a Phase?” 

Yassin Fiasco, Basic Education Minister of Egypt, speaking at Cheyenne, Wyoming’s Temple of the Illuminated Seed: 

“Purple Rose of Cairo: The Case of the Egyptian Army Colonel who Died Laughing during an Illegal Screening of  a Bootlegged Woody Allen Film”

Dr Kareem Abdul Erving, Narcotics Control and Textile Industry Minister of the United Arab Emirates, speaking at Abe’s Slammin’ Superfly Tent Synagogue, Hot Springs Arkansas:

“Biggest Fail of 2014: Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

Dr Dick Dagher, Tourism and Antiques Minister of Jordan, speaking at Congregation One Love, Ogden, Utah:

“Eight Crazy Nights: the Understated Genius of Adam Sandler”

Vitaliy Besmertnik, Man Made Emergencies Minister of the Russian Federation, speaking at the Giving Tree Synagogue in New Leipzig, North Dakota:

“Crime and Punishment: Time to Cancel the Playboy Channel for Convicted Terrorists Sitting in Israeli Prisons”


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