Cracked Mirror: A Dose of Color in A World Gone Dark

Iran’s pro-democratic opposition first hangs together, then hangs separately…

The True Face of Iran: Exposed

Smooth-talking Iranian President Hassan Rouhani embarked on a five-day visit to New York on Monday with a vow to press for sanctions relief by showing the peaceful and cultured “true face” of Iran at the annual U.N. General Assembly, Iranian news agencies reported.

Is U.S. President Barack Obama actually going to shake hands with the man who played a key role in the violent crackdown of Iranian student protests in 1999?

Will the reluctant leader of the free world reach out to the same Hassan Rouhani who as the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council famously boasted about using divide-and-conquer tactics against the West to buy time to advance Iran’s illicit nuclear-weapons program?

There are many hard questions that must be answered – and quickly – before the Islamic Republic of Iran shows its true face…

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