creates a Palestinian homeland in Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut


“It must be a surreal experience to go to sleep in one country and wake up in another – without leaving your bed, mind you.

Yet, this is precisely what happened to the citizens of Modi’in Maccabim-Re’ut, specifically those who may have recently logged on to the website.

It turns out, much to the amazement of most of its residents, that Maccabim is in fact a part of Palestine. Now, Modi’in is a big city in the center of Israel. Were we asleep at the wheel when the Palestinian Authority pitched its flag over the approximately 75,000 inhabitantscurrently living in Modi’in Maccabim-Re’ut and lowered Israel’s?

What we appear to have here is a failure to separate fact from narrative. And it’s the Palestinian narrative, a manufactured self-image nurtured since Israel’s founding, that has been picked up, processed and regurgitated as immutable history….”


To read the entire essay as it appears on CiF Watch, please click below:

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