The Gatekeepers: Peddling Two-State Propaganda All the Way to the Oscars

“While no one can deny the bravery, brilliance and patriotism of good men who have given the better parts of their lives to the service of country, one can and should take a cold hard look at how they were manipulated by a film maker with an agenda…Mr. Moreh’s documentary is nothing of the kind. Rather, it’s a propaganda piece extolling the indisputable virtues of a two-state solution. Not only is peace possible between Israel and the Palestinians, so goes the narrative, The Gatekeepers director has even gone through the trouble of inventing an arch enemy to peace in our time: “Never ever in the history of this country has there been such a good and understanding leadership on the Palestinian side, and Israel does everything in its power to avoid conversation.”

To read the complete essay as it appears in The Jewish Thinker, click here:

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